About Me

Julie Smith

Email: juliedonoghue@gmail.com
Location: Littleton, CO

I’m hired to design and then promoted to project manage. I’m a specialist, very cognizant of the details and the next steps. I like driving new initiatives and building innovative, beautiful solutions. 

I’m constantly expanding my knowledge base to take on new challenges, from website development, front end design, PPC, SEO, lead generation tools, branding and inspiring teams. 

I’ve been fortunate to have had many enriching career opportunities in different industries including; finance, law, nonprofit and manufacturing.

I’m well versed in working remotely. In 2009 I moved from Boston to Los Angeles with a blackberry and desktop computer and was continually promoted from my “satellite” office. I learned the importance of relationship building remotely, discipline and self-motivation. 

I currently love living in the foothills of Denver.

Thanks for visiting my website!